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The music made a huge difference. The patients on the ward loved the fact someone had come to play for them and it made them feel so special. The music has a calm and soothing effect and the patients listen and make requests. They love it! It’s a fantastic service’ – Staff Member

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‘It was really beautiful – really helped whilst I was being cannulated and really distracted me. Thank you for coming to play – better than listening to beeping machines!’ Patient

‘The music gave the unit happy thoughts, the patients here are quite anxious and you can see that it brings a smile to their faces. The staff love the way they play and are so lovely and accommodating’ – Staff Member

In partnership with the  and the Cardiff and Vale Health Board Charity and Arts Team, Harmoni Cymru has developed a ward residency programmes on a number of wards within hospital in the Cardiff and Vale Health Board.

Our musicians visit wards weekly, bringing live, interactive music sessions to wards. By visiting regularly, the musicians are able to develop working relationships with medical staff and patients in order to personalise the music choices and approaches to the need of the wards. 

Through feedback from staff, patients and visitors, we have found that these sessions have aided with reducing anxiety, increasing social interaction, providing distraction during medical treatment and helped to create a positive working and recovery environment within the wards.

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